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About Us

Kastner Auctions has been in Business for over 25 Years

We pride ourselves in being able to adopt new technologies

That make life easier for our patrons. 


Kastner Auctions is a marketplace of liberty, we understand the value of Clients that supply and clients that buy.  all of you are Very important to the inner workings of this Client driven business.

So no matter if you are consigning or bidding our service shall always remain warm, hospitable and professional.

Lets introduce you to the team:


President: Sean Kastner                                                                             

About: Sean Kastner has an affinity for the auction industry. It has been in his blood since 1981. He loves Drama, Art, Mother nature and getting high fives from customers. He graduated with a marketing Degree and has 25 years in the auction industry. He's here to welcome you to the Kastner auction way and culminate long term relations. 

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 C.E.O.: Dave McLachlan

About Dave:  Dave has taken Companies such as Cash Canada public. He has been in the Auction industry for over thirty years, his expertise is built into the foundation of Kastner Auctions.


Floor Manager: Steve Cloutier

Steve enjoyed playing with lego as a child and took all of this knowledge from there to setting up our extravagant auction floor. He does it with the same focus as a macrocosmic artist.


Both Account Manager & Webmaster: Aimee Tharp 

About: Aimee's first calling was at the auction. She's loved the diversity for over 14 years.  She is a natural.  The Auction has also been formed by her hand and her dedication to realize a vision. Any consignment questions you have email:

LIoyd Belarmino

Mister Enthusiastic travelled all the way from Asia to be part of the auction family. His constant attention assures you are serviced like an auction salon.



Lead Auctioneer: Brian Kastner 

About: Brian is the founding father of Kastner Auctions. He boasts 35 years of auctioning excellence. He's here every Sunday AND he loves Bluegrass music!

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