Asset Valuation

Kastner Auctions provides appraisal services throughout North America on a large variety of assets. Our clients include private consignors, Corporations & any person or business in the Judicial system. Clients rely on our appraisals to provide sound opinions of values for financing, acquisitions, insurance and asset disposal.

Our team of specialized appraisers have a wide range of expertise in all types of equipment, machinery, inventories, vehicles, estate liquidations, coins, bailiff seizures, consumer and industrial stock, lawyers, operational businesses, mergers, dispersals, insurance evaluations, and real estate.


Kastner Auctions is equipped to assist you in providing four types of appraisals:

  • Forced Liquidation Value (FLV)
    “The amount of money that a company will receive if it sold its assets in an auction immediately. It is based on the assumption that the business will sell its assets in the quickest time possible.”
  • Orderly Liquidation Value (OLV)
    “This form of appraisal is typically included in an appraisal of hard tangible assets (i.e. restaurant or commercial equipment). It is an estimate of the gross amount that the tangible assets would fetch in an auction-style liquidation with the selling needing to sell the assets on a “as-is, where-is” basis.”
  • Depreciated Replacement Cost (DRC)
    “The current replacement cost of the asset, less accumulated depreciated calculated on the basis of such a cost to reflect the already consumed or expired future economic benefits of the asset.”
  • Fair Market Value (FMV)
    “Referring to the price a particular property or business would be expected to sell for given a willing seller and a willing buyer, in an open and unrestricted market, when neither is compelled to act and both have reasonable knowledge of the facts.”

We have experience with:

  • Antiques
  • Automotive
  • Construction Equipment
  • Electronics
  • Food & Beverage Equipment
  • Intangibles
  • Inventories
  • Marine Equipment
  • Manufacturing Equipment
  • Metal Fabrication Equipment
  • Mining Equipment
  • Real Estate