Top 5 things you can do to increase Your energy now!

Hi Friends, Sean! Kastner Here, You might not know it but i use to suffer from Chronic fatigue and  if you know me now:  I’m a hurtling ball of positive energy!  getting this information took a long time through trial and error…  this is the first 5 steps I learnt form all my travels and tribulation  to pump me up again!… let me give you the most important things you need to do now to make your energy SUPER SUPREME!

1. Drink The Right Water, Substitute soft drinks and coffee with H20!  -80% of people in North America are dehydrated, increase your water in take, Less Timmy’s more Aquafina… or BETTER yet PROPERLY FILTERED  WATER!  ( alkalyzed and remineralized is best!)

2. Get up the first time you wake up in the morning.  if you keep pressing the snooze button, you will  continue to create hormones like adenosine that make you want to sleep more, which will give you less of a boost When you actually Get your ass out of bed. This accounts for part of the groggy hungover effect.  When your alarm goes off get up and have a glass of water ( lemon water is amazing first thing in the morning!)

3. CAFFEINE BAD, Adaptogens GREAT!- Coffee is a diuretic, it forces you to run to the washroom and shed water that you need to remain hydrated. if you’re dehydated the conductivity of energy in your body is lessened… If you are dehydrated its near impossible to feel great >>>>SO THEREFORE: end the cycle.  minimize your hankerings for coffee and softdrinks with Smaller amounts of green tea ( matcha is amazing) or the Argentinian delight: Yerba Mate.  Ultimately one should replace caffeine with adaptogens (  they are substances that modulate your response to stress in the environment).

Adaptogens help with mental concentration, energy and help you stay emotionally level during crisis situations.  The First Thing I learnt with Chronic fatigue was how to boost myself,  I used Panax Ginseng to get that feel good energy going… it only works if you are hydrated though!  use it in liquid form you can get it at any Asian pharmacy.

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Remember all things I offer you are from years experience, please consult your local physician before trying any of these on your own.




4. Cardiovascular Excercise is amazing. Personally:  rainm, shine or snow I bike ride 3-7 KMs in the morning.  I know that isn’t everyones fancy So you should find what works best for you,  The fact is, the more you increase your heart rate, the more your blood flows, the more oxygen gets introduced into your blood stream.  Our number one source of energy is oxygen, the more clean air we breathe in, the better we feel, the more energized we are!  Holy run-on sentence Kastner auctionite 😉

5. one last tip for now. Make sure your vitamin D is up in winter, it’s responsible for many important processes in the body, will help curb the winter blues and more! Please research how much vitamin D you need though,  some health sources recommend well over a thousand IU’s per day, some say around 500. you have to choose what you believe though…

These are great actions that took away lots of my fatigue and gave me great energy. try at least 2 this week and feel the genuine improvement!

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