Auction House In Edmonton Alberta Shows First Timers How To Get Great Deals

Auction in Edmonton Alberta Shows First Timers How To Get Great Deals

So you want to get huge deals at an auction? Well it is simple! Let us talk you through the process and the different ways on how to bid or register with us!

Bidding at Katsner’s Auctions

Firstly, there are three different ways to bid in the live auction which happens on Sunday at Kastner’s Auctions.

  1. Bid in person
  2. Bid online
  3. In person absentee bids
  4. Online absentee bids

Bidding in person

Let us talk about bidding in person during the auction. The first thing you will want to do is register, if you are not already in the system. We will discuss how to register a bit later on, lets  continue on with the “how to bid”.

Once you’ve been registered, you will receive a “paddle number” (usually it is a four digit number). The items in the auction are catalogued (given a corresponding lot number) and placed in a numerical order. The auctioneer will then begin “calling” the auction, which means he will announce the item and begin to also announce the prices. These prices will increase based on paddle numbers being raised.

To bid, all you would need to do is simply raise your paddle number (the one you received when you registered) and your bid will be placed. When you’re bidding, it is important to understand the auctioneer and the amount he is stating while calling out the item. By bidding on that item, you are agreeing to pay that amount for the item.

Here’s some other great News to make your Live Experience even better:

  • Everything is in Sequential order SO You can follow the program from a  Free Catalogue that’s emailed to you
  • We Have 2 Giant Screens to show you what is being auctioned
  • There are 11 staff on floor to make sure you have a great experience
  • There’s around 1000 items every Sunday From Vehicles-Diamonds-Tools-Furnishings-Bankruptcies-Police Seizures

Bidding online

Bidding online is an option to attend the auction without physically being at the auction.  First, You pick your Auction, then you  register online and then log in on the website for this weekends auction. Once you log into the website, there will be an option to click on a green “bid” button.  When you click this button to bid on the items you want it’s the same as “raising your paddle” when you’re at the live auction in person.

In person absentee bidding

Now there is a third option to bid in the auction, and this can be used if you are unable to attend the live auction, and are unable to log in on the website to attend; it is called “in person absentee bids”. To do an in person absentee bid, come to Kastner’s Auctions, and fill out a form with the following information:

  • Your paddle/bidder number
  • The lot number
  • The maximum amount you are willing to pay for the item

In order to get your bid in on the system, you need to have the form handed in and filled out at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the auction! When this form is in, your bid is then done on your behalf by the auctioneer or clerk. How cool right? This process continues until you either win, or the maximum amount is reached and passed by your opponent bidder.

Online absentee bidding

The last and final way to place bids is an online version of the in person absentee bidding. During the auction preview on the day before you are able to log in online at the website and leave “preview bids”. This basically means that instead of the auctioneer or clerk bidding on your behalf, the computer will then bid on your behalf. This is done until you won the item or maximum amount is reached and passed by another bidder. Please set a good maximum bid,  your bid is encrypted on the system, I’d hate for you to lose something great for an extra $10 or $20.

How to Register with Katsner’s Auctions

To register with Kastner’s there are a couple of ways you can register with us, but keep in mind the following:

  • Registering in person will allow you to attend the live auction and leave in person absentee bids
  • Registering online will allow you to attend the online live auction and leave online absentee bids

Each # is specific or live bidding.  

Live bidders pay 12.5% buyers premium

Internet bidders pay 17.5% buyers premium


To register in person, it is really quite simple! You would just need to attend the auction (which is every Sunday) and see one of the clerks at the front desk. They will ask you for your ID/drivers license, and a credit card. If you do not have a credit card, don’t fret! You can still participate in the auction, just leave your Drivers License for initial registration! Once the registration is completed, you will get a paper with your paddle number (bidder number) and a catalog via email (for free) or you may purchase one at the front desk.

One thing you should consider is the terms of sale. Please ensure that you read them carefully, as you become responsible for paying for the items you bid on and win. It is a contract you had just signed!


To register online, you will need to go to  There’s an internet only auction ready for you on Wednesdays to view and the MAIN EVENT gets uploaded by Friday Evening. Click on Create Account, and follow the instructions. This needs to only be done once and then you will be a permanent member of the online bidding. Please note, you will need a credit card and an email to complete the registration. Also ensure all the information is correct and filled in properly.

If you plan to participate in the auction online, it is a good idea to do the registration at least 24 hours before the start of the auction. This is because the approval process is not an instant one, and it does require some time to verify all the information you enter into the form.

Please also ensure that you read all the posted terms and conditions. Bidding online is the same as bidding in person, and by accepting the terms, you agree to pay for the items that you win in the auction.

Auction Terms & Conditions

Regardless if you register online or in person, there are some terms and conditions that every member of the auction needs to be aware of. Online bidders will have a chance to read the terms and conditions when they log in to bid or preview items. The members who register in person will receive a copy of the terms and conditions, which is included on the bidder/paddle number.

Previewing the Items

Before you bid on the items in the auction, Try and view the assets before hand. The preview is very important, and you can examine them the day before the sale which is generally from 9am to 6pm. It is a good idea to make notes in your catalog so you can remember exactly which items you want and an amount you are willing to pay for some awesome auction treasures.

During the preview is an opportunity for you to test any equipment (if it is possible) you are considering purchasing. The catalog is to be used as a guide only, and all bidders are expected to preview the item, alternatively if you are located in a different country, you can email us questions on any item from our help desk located at the lower right hand corner of

All items are sold “as is” or “where is” regardless if you have previewed and inspected the item or not. Any damage we find, we try to list it.

If you cannot make it to the auction in person, please remember the other options that are available and listed above, and you can place your bids.


This is the fun part of the auction! There is, of course, an auctioneer who will sit from a central point in the facility, and there will be a few view screens in the auction stage area to assist bidders along. It will show the lot number, and a picture of the item.

The process begins with the auctioneer announcing the lot number and describe the item they are currently selling. The bidding will then start immediately after the description of the item, and it will be fast paced. If it is your first time at the auction, it is a good idea to arrive before the items you want are being auctioned so you can watch and get a feel of how the auction works.

The auctioneer will first suggest a starting price. If no one raises their paddle to bid, (s)he will lower the amount until someone bids on that amount.

“Who’ll give me one thousand dollars to start?”

To bid, all you would need to do is raise your paddle/bidder number, or click on the green “bid” button online. The auctioneer and the ring hands will recognize that you bid, and the auctioneer will then begin to ask for higher bids.

“I have eight hundred dollars, do I hear nine hundred?”

If someone decides they want to bid, (s)he will raise her paddle/bidder number. This will continue until no one else wants to bid any higher for that item.

“I have nineteen hundred dollars, who’ll give me nineteen-fifty? Going once, twice: SOLD! For nineteen hundred dollars to bidder number 268.”

A clerk will write down the winning amount and the bidder number. In the instance that there are several items with similar description and value, the announcer will state that there is a choice on the items. For example, lots 1, 2, 3, & 4 all are a boardroom chair.

“We are now offering 4 boardroom chairs. Let’s give choice on these four chairs”.

What this means is that the highest bidder will get a choice on the items when the auctioneer says “sold”. So if the bidder only wanted one item and already knows he wants only lot 4, he would tell the auctioneer and clerk that is the one he wants before the auctioneer begins selling the next item.

Once an item has been sold and clerked, the auction clerk and the auction office cannot make changes to lot assignments. Generally, the auctioneer will only give option and choice to the high bidder and will then “dish out” the remaining items in numerical order to the backup bidder and then to any other bidders who would like the remaining items at the highest bid price.


To pay for the items you have won there is a few options. One option is to come to the office and present the bidder/paddle number to the cashiers up at the front desk. We accept payments by Cash, Debit, Visa, or Mastercard. For the online auction, you have the option of paying online via your credit card, or you can come into the office to pay for the items personally with other methods.

Check out

Once the items you won are paid for you will get an invoice. With that invoice, you will go to the back and pick up your items!

You are responsible for the removal of your items. ALL ITEMS must be removed by Tuesday at 6PM. If you are unable to pick up the items, you may call and make other arrangements.

End of Auction! We hope you’ve had fun and found some great deals in the process!

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