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Selling your estate assets can be hard, stressful, and time consuming. The process you use may look similar to this:

  • You post your ads        They usually vanish off the first page listing in minutes!
  • You wait for people to show up.        They don’t or they try to barter you “down the to the rock bottom price”  
  • When you let strangers in your house, YOU DON’T KNOW if they are going to rob you tomorrow night
  • Even if you do make a deal, you haven’t escaped the hurdle of: Receiving phony cheques or being a victim of Paypal fraud
  • Add up all the hours, you still haven’t made arrangements for pick-up or delivery >>> It becomes a burden, a risk, and very stressful for busy people like you. There’s no guarantee you will even sell your valuables.

What if I were to say there was an easier way to deal with selling your estate goods.  What if I could guarantee you:  All your assets would be sold for the best market price, your payment would arrive effortlessly and on-time. You wouldn’t have to take any of your precious days, and you could accomplish it all in 60 seconds after reading the rest of this article.

About Kastner’s

Kastner Auctions is a team of professionals who have been around for 30 years. We’ve been helping people across Canada find the greatest selection of items under one roof! Our rates are lower than any other auction houses within the Edmonton Area.

If you’re only looking to sell then fantastic! Our team will market your items and earn you the best return as possible.

We sell anywhere between 2000 – 3000 lots (items, or group of items) in 2 or 3 different auctions per week.

What’s even more exciting is with our online bidding, our auctions are available Nation-wide!

Why Choose Kastner Auctions?

You will reach your top paying customer with Kastner Auctions
– 67,000 in our email list
– over 2.4 million items sold
– over 20,000 views per week
– 1.1 million ads served per month
– reach anywhere in North America


Why Do Our Customer’s Like Us?



Let Us Help You

If Kastner’s sounds like the place for you, call us any day at 780-447-0596 or email us at with a list of your goods and we will assist your with kick starting this process with minimal effort!

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