Top things you should research before attending

Auction Houses in Edmonton- What you should know before attending an auction in Alberta

  • What does the auction house charge for a Buyers Premium. This is usually a percentage that is added to your purchase at the time of payment, something similar to GST.
  • Does the auction offer online bidding. Some bigger auction houses will offer this to their customer’s in order to reach a larger customer base.
  • Are they members of AAA, which stands for Auctioneer Association of Alberta. There is a code of ethics that is followed when they belong to AAA
  • Are they members of AAC, which is Auctioneer Association of Canada. You are able to check an auctions business reputation through the AAC.
  • Does the auction house have a permanent location. If they have an address, you should be able to go and  physically see a building in which they conduct their business. This will give you comfort in knowing they are not selling merchandise out of their vehicles and that the auction is indeed legal.
  • Is the Auction house you are interested in bonded. This will ensure you that the auction has gone through the proper channels to provide the security required by legislation.
  • Do they offer Online membership which would allow you to gather information at your own convenience, whether it be late night or early morning. This will  increases the clientele.
  • What are the dates and preview times before the item is up for auction. You want to be able to look at the merchandise and inspect it to your satisfaction. You will only pay so much if you are not 100% satisfied with the item,  so check their times for previewing items up for auction. Reputable auction houses have preview times before sale date.
  • Does the auction house guarantee any of their merchandise? This information can be found on their webpage.

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