A Crash Course in becoming a AuctionDiamondologist


Lets take a brief look at the last decades going concern  Canadian Diamonds   why are they more valuable and what makes them shine so bright


A thing beauty should not be the cause of ugly bloodshed.The lure of a Canadian diamond lies not just in its mesmerizing beauty but also in its conflict-free origins. Each of these diamonds from Canada’s mines undergoes an enhanced certification process that ensures that they were ethically sourced and that the ecosystem surrounding the mine was not harmed in any way. So, feel free in letting their dazzling brilliance cast a spell on you and all those around you

Socially conscious and eco-friendly, a Canadian Diamond’s glow is thus shinier and has Great Karma!

 Kneel, Black Diamonds:


Black is also stunningly beautiful. And where diamonds are concerned, black is not only beautiful, but is also rare.Tiny and relatively young, black and grey crystals appear naturally as deposits in the earth’s crust.These dark beauties have a unique crystalline structure that makes them absorb light, as opposed to reflecting light, which is what gives them their colour. more rare than other diamonds,  those whom value individuality, are one of a kind should pick black diamonds.

KNOW What to look for!

  • Look for the 4 Cs

    • Diamond’s colour

      • Light brown and yellow diamonds are more common

      • The whiter the stone the more valuable it is

      • This gradation is usually done in comparison to a master stone hence you can ask the jeweller for a master stone to compare your stone with.

      • Best way to check for colour is when the stone is unmounted

    • Diamond’s clarity

      • FL, IF:Flawless/Internally Flawless

      • VVS1/VVS2: Very Very Slight inclusions and blemishes ( not dectectable by the human eye with 10 x magnification

      • VS1/VS2: Very Slight inclusions and blemishes

      • SI1/SI2: Slight inclusions and blemishes

      • I1,I2,I3: inclusions and blemishes

    • Diamond’s cut (responsible for light reflection, as of now the Gemological Institute of America applies cut grades only to round diamonds so look more carefully for the cut quality in other diamonds! )

      • Excellent

      • Very Good

      • Good

      • Fair

      • Poor

    • Diamond’s carat weight

      • 1 carat (1ct) is equal to .2 grams or .007 ounces

      • carat weight does not reflect a diamond’s size

  • Diamond’s shape

  • Look for  laser-inscribed tracking numbers on the diamond as most Canadian Diamonds have them for enhanced traceability, you will need a magnifying glass to find the serial number

  • Diamond certificate (which should include)

    • Measurements

    • Clarity

    • Symmetry

    • Recognized diamond grading report from either of the organizations mentioned below

      • GIA Diamond Grading Report

      • GIA Diamond Dossier

      • American Gem Society Laboratories – AGS

      • The International Gemological Institute – IGI

      • European Gemological Laboratories – EGL

      • EGL USA

      • E.G.L. International

These are good guidlines to follow to identifying diamonds that you want to buy with confidence, always check the 4 C’s as best you can before an auction so you are well educated on the pieces you want to own!

Sean Kastner

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  1. Hello, I am currently in the market for a 2+ carat princess cut diamond.

    What do you currently have available?



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