Q: Are you still open?

A: Yes. We’ve taken every conceivable protective and proactive measure to ensure that our business is a clean and sterile environment. But we have moved our auctions online. We will be Live Streaming internet only auctions on Sundays and continue with our online only specialty auctions.

Saturday Live Previews have been canceled until further notice.

Q: So I can I still bid online?

A: Absolutely. We HIGHLY encourage anyone who is feeling even just a little under the weather, to STAY HOME. We’ve dedicated more effort towards the online and shipping portions of the business to ensure that we can meet demands from customers – whatever their current situation might be. Please feel free to bid from home.

Will pickup times be impacted?

No. You can still pickup your items at any time. In fact, we encourage you to book ahead to limit the crowds and prevent the spread. Click here to book your pick up time.

Q: What if I’d like to pick my items up, but can’t because I’m self isolating?

A: We will be happy to hold your items for you until you until you are able to collect them. Simply email us to let us know.

Will You Still Be Accepting Absentee Bids?

Yes. We’ll even accept them over the phone as long as you have an established number with us.

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