Restaurant Equipment Auctions

Restaurant Auctions Happen Suddenly In Edmonton

Either they happen from Bankruptcies, Trade-ins, Voluntary closures or importers that have to much product and need to “blow them through the auction to re-coop as much money as they can, this might be:

  • last years new inventory
  • excess cargo due to ordering minimums from factory
  • seized containers
  • mis-orders

Kastner Auctions always has these at all of their restaurant equipment Auctions

The Rest of the Equipment comes from

  • Restaurant Bankruptcies
  • Equipment Trade-ins
  • voluntary & involuntary Business Closures

These auctions aren’t usually hosted at Kastner Auctions, so you should sign-up well in advance to get VIP updates, some events happen with only 3 day notices so you need to stay informed.

If you have never been to a live auction before, it’s recommended Read This Article of First Time Bidding on Restaurant Equipment In Edmonton

There is no need to worry about title searches, as the items up for auction are guaranteed to be free and clear.  You are welcome to come on viewing day to test all the equipment for yourself. All new Equipment is GUARANTEED TO WORK

These Auctions either happen Suddenly or you will get some notice, the only way for sure to get notices is

Sign Up Here For Restaurant Equipment Bankruptcy Auctions!


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