Attend an auction live or online?


by now you’ve probably realized that The auction is a STRONG social community.You can save up to 70 percent on purchases and a huge amount of people make friends for life. Save copious amounts of cash on vehicles, renovations, home accessories, business supplies and other stuff you would  get from a department store,

what you might not know is should you attend live or on the internet?

which one is better?

we’ve had hundreds of years to perfect live auctions and such a small time to start really crafting on-line auctions,  let me help you with this decision:

if you need your raw senses stimulated  you must attend a live auction at least for the first time,  you can always attend live and access an auction from your smart phone later that day or even for the next auction

please attend live if you can the first time even if its for an hour, remember we send out a catalogue 2 days before the auction so you can get an idea when the items are selling

( eg. say we are selling the exact item you want and its item 146—- we sell items at approximately 100 lots per hour so that would be about an hour and a half into to auction.  auction starts at 10 you are here at eleven and you have enough time to register and start to bid)

If you just want to watch an auction from your computer its a great experience especially when we provide multiple pictures, sound, video, and an easy to use platform that you can access from any portable device to bid

remember though in video, there is a 2 second delay on video ( but not bidding)   obviously live auctions are hopefully zero percent 😉

remember that the average auction accounts for 30% business on internet and 70% live,  there’s a reason why people bid live

If you like people come to a live event you will surely make friends!you usually save 5% on the auction premium, and live is way more exciting! you can get 360 degree views of the item always ( although we have live feeds of the items for internet)

Internet technology is much better since the creation of HTML 5 ( so long as you use Google Chrome or FireFox) you can bid on the beach, in an airport,  leave absentee bids, view the auction during supper dates, in your pajamas or even while your on the road ( riding shotgun 😉  )

it comes down to preference, time and distance though, think about these and then choose how you would like to attend an auction:

if you are on the run and have little time or are a home-body                                   register for online auction updates here 

If you are looking for a real experience then try it live                                                  register for live auction updates here


See you live or virtually soon!

Sean Kastner


Kastner Auctions

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