Things You Should Bring To Kastner Auctions!

, ¬†Either you are doing this For a service of because you are a budding Entrepreneur ūüôā

Essentially the things you need to bring to auction to get the most money are as follows:

  1. Anything new that’s still in the box! ¬†always goes for top dollar
  2. Collectibles & Antiques: if they are in good shape, everyone loves nostalgia, Old Tin Toys, Royal Doulton, Hand-crafted Furnishings from the 1600-s to the 1950’s
  3. Crystal is eye popping for many especially decanters
  4. Art-We have a market for the higher ends by Bateman’s and others that have blessed our Auction Floor like Andy Warhol’s, Bev doo-little, or the unheardofs that you didn’t know had great value, there’ value is at Kastner Auctions
  5. Any Brand name tools in your garage
  6. Vehicles: we’ve sold epic vehicles Cars from the 30’s Corvettes, 6 month old Harley Davidson Fords, Fleets, Suv’s, Campers, Holiday Trailers boats, Vans, cars and more. we want your vehicle if it’s in great condition and you’d let your mother drive it, Quality is one of the keys to Kastner’s ¬†great prices realized at auction
  7. Signed sports memorabilia,
  8. Music collectibles, books from the 1800’s or earlier
  9. House Appliances  and Electronics:  must be 5 years or newer
  10. Equipment:  newer working Lawnmowers, Pressurewashers, Snowblowers
  11. home small appliances:  Microwaves, Keurigs , Blenders etc, they are all welcome if they are high quality, seldom used and preferable stainless steel although we do make exceptions, THEY MUST WORK!
  12. Jewellery, Museum Quality Specimens, Currency and stamps!: ¬†Jewellery is sold in collections if its not silver or gold, Gold with rare stones SHOULD have a local appraisal, Currency Should be from the 1970’s and older Stamps are sold in collections
  13. Home Furnishings;  the newer the better, must be in mint shape all things from all the rooms in your home may earn you a decent R.o.I
  14. Gadgets: neat things are always sought after, Art, Trinkets & MOre
  15. TV’s we only Accept LCD, LED, style of TV’s
  16. Excercise Equipment:  The Newer The Better must be 5 years or newer
  17. Multi-Media, Electronics and more: ¬†Computers, Games: ¬†Xboxes, Nintendo’s, Tablets, Stereo systems, lighting systems,¬†Boccie Balls, Darts, Pool tables, PInballs, Arcade games, VLT’s, and much much more!
  18. Anything From & Before 1930– real treasures here! newspapers thrive from that era!
  19. Complete Estates:  we help you with the entire process, Transporation, Filtering and much more!
  20. Houses: Kastner’s sells houses the fastest with great returns
  21. Unique Odd Ball items: The Stranger or more mindboggling
  22. all your ebay purchases: Recycle them into cash!
  23. all your  Collections whether it be spoons, masks, old Hockey cards tins, comics or more,
  24. World War and other historic Memorabilia

This is just an overview, please tell us about your items you want to turn into money>>> Click here!

IF You need anything call us at 1.888.447.0596

Sean Kastner & Team!

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