This is partially what you can do with your assets and what to look for in an auction house, PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH!

I want you to apply this formula for everything when it comes to selling in the Auction.  If you use it,  you will increase your income drastically,  here’s to our united success, if You do this, Me and my team will do the rest for you! 🙂

1. Make sure you have enough time to have it advertised, common things maybe auctioned off with a couple of days
notice BUT speciality items may  need a few weeks. The more time you give the auction company to advertise your assets,
the better they will perform.
2. Make sure your merchandise is getting exposed to enough people! we Believe with the increase in technology that
you absolutely have to have a simulcast auction solution ( Live and internet bidding) this can greatly increase your net
results.3. Clean assets means a higher R.O.I. at auction. people trust cleaner items and will bid higher if the item look as thoughthey were respected.
4. If you have “tons” of multiples of the same style, do not fl ood the market, fi nd a way to get the auctioneer to limit
supply. if you sell 10 widgets a week for a few months at 800 dollars per widget, it is better than selling ALL your
widgets next weekend for 100 dollars each, remember the law of supply and demand.
5. If you are an expert on your products, spend time with the auctioneers to make sure they know the key selling features
of your assets, your knowledge could make a difference of 50% or more on auction value. Attention to these details is
very important for maximum profit.

If the auction you choose pre-catalogues, make sure you help with the description. the difference between  a bowl with Asian markings &   a Soup bowl from the The Wanli shipwreck from the Ming dynasty  is an $800 difference Give us important details and we will enhance your products with providence and important details 6. Timing is key: Make sure that your auction timing make sense, Selling off a seasonal good in the wrong season may neta loss. Maximise on profit by timing out the greatest point of consumer demand if you can afford the time.
7. Make sure your items get maximum exposure. Having an auction advertised in the newspaper doesn’t cut it any more,
make sure your auctioneer advertises in multiple places, has a website that gets at least 3500 visits per week and has payperclick ad campaigns. it’s absolutely essential these days!
8. When in doubt check it out- See how their auctions function, visit their establishment next week and see what it looks
9. Make sure the auction is bonded, call Services Alberta to find out. THIS IS CRUCIAL in determining if an auction
company is ethical or not.
10. Check out their rating with BBB except nothing less than an A rating. ( check out Kastner’s rating above)
11. See what fans are saying about them on facebook, (see Kastner’s reviews here)  check their amount of fans. The more an auction spends on social marketing is a sign that they are adapting to changes in the current marketplace. You can also look at Google Ratings and Reviews too ( See Kastner’s Google Reviews )
12. Help with the marketing process, if you can create a list of all your assets fi rst, this saves time so an auction can spend
more time marketing your merchandise.

Hope this helps you!  I also want to suggest, if you can’t attend a live auction check the auction out on their internet feed the next time they host a simulcast auction,

(you can see Kastner’s upcoming internet auctions here)


WE are planning on getting  you top dollar for your assets soon, if you want more advice on Selling Your ASSETS Reach out to us HERE

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