First Time At Kastner Auctions

Here’s your gateway to getting super Unique items and unbeatable Auction prices!

you just signed up for an uber exciting auction and I’m going to give you as much information as possible on it.

Since you are becoming a Kastner-auctionite, lets share with  you some of our inner-circle details

  1. if you ever have a question (any time) call or text me (Sean Kastner) 780.719.0865
  2. if you are out of town Call: 1.888.447.0596 from 9-6 PM every day imaginable!
  3. if you want an amazing social experience, invite your friends to check out this amazing auction coming up ( there are over 1000 items, and a huge plethora of things… I can’t even type them or y!
  4. if you never been to an auction before… Please read this :  First time at a live auction
  5. if you live too far away, you can always sign-up for INTERNET Auctions  sign-up here  We ship anywhere in Canada!
  6. kay that’s enough far now, I don’t want to overwhelm you
These Auctions Are Super Exciting, if you have any questions please call 1.888.447.0596


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