Buying Diamonds Online

Buy quality diamond jewelry from the comfort of your own home in Canada.  Buying Diamonds online is safe and easy.  |You can assess the value before you purchase by looking at the appraisals.  If you are concerned about having them shipped in the  mail, we will have your parcel insured to preserve your piece of mind.  buying at an online auction saves buyers an average of 70% off of retail pricing,

When seeking to buy Engagement or investment jewelery at an online establishment (especially auction house) follow these important steps:

  • Make sure they have an A or A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Make sure they have been in business for a minimum of 3 years so there is no chance that they are  a ” Fly-by-night” company.
  • Make sure they have conducted a diamond auction before, if they haven’t be weary
  • make sure you check and find out what their shipping polices are, some auctions charge an exorbitant  rate for  shipping, Know the details before you bid


Kastner Auctions has been in business for 27 years, we have 107 Diamond auctions in our portfolio of experience.   If you have never been to an auction before  learn more about auctions here.  If you are interested in selling your diamonds learn more about the sales process.  

to get the opportunity to bid at the online diamond auction sign up here

You can expect to see appraisals on the jewelry that is up for bid. There are pictures available for you as well as a very informative description of what you are buying.



Buy Diamond Rings For Cheap In Edmonton

diamondSearching For Wedding, Engagement or Cost effective Diamond rings in Edmonton?  At an auction you can find Rings and save between 70 and 80 percent. You can expect an appraisal, and in certain cases Serial numbered Canadian diamonds.  Most Diamonds Are consigned because they are  from a jewellery stores surplus merchandise and they need to clear out old inventory to make way for new.

Bidding is fast and efficienct, If you have never bid at an auction please Check out this important guide:  FIRST TIME AT AN AUCTION .  You can Get From a .5 Carat to a 5 Carat diamond at these types of auctions and save upto 80 % example: get a $4,000 Diamond ring for $800 or so.


If you are interested in attending a Diamond auction bid with confidence: Kastner Auctions Has been Serving the Auction world since 1986, For the next Diamond Auction and to be notified when it and other Special Edition Auctions Are Happening  SIGN UP FOR FREE NEWSLETTER HERE.  Although many people buy diamonds at auction, Some also use Auctions to Sell their Diamonds as well   You can learn more about Selling your Valuables  at Auction Here

…or See whats selling this week:  Visit Kastner Auctions here