Un-Shackle Your Bids! Police Auctions Happen At This Place In Edmonton

Police seized Assets from Crime are highly sought after.

High profile crime units serve and protect, they also ensure that theft recovered items that they can’t find their owners for make it on the Auction Block.

You can find  iPods,    Computers,     Vehicles,     Tools,     Artifacts,     Crystal skulls, Rolexes and a Million other things.  these items build up in Law enforcements  vaults from 30- 365 day cycles before they go on the auction block.   Kastner Auctions Deals With MANY police forces in the surrounding areas.

Police Auctions have some of the most advanced and high-end electronics and tools, after all, if they aren’t worth stealing they wouldn’t have been seized in the first place!

Peak Police auction season often happens in Mid-Fall To late winter.  Although they could Suddenly happen any time! Often WE HAVE NO WARNING when we will receive these assets SO it’s best to make sure you sign-up to get notifications  when theft recovery auctions are happening.  You don’t want to miss out on these Sudden Deals!

Even if you think you can’t make a Sunday auction:

No matter where in the globe you are,  You can bid using Kastner’s state of the art Live Internet bidding software.

steal a deal on stolen treasures.

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Take action before it’s stolen away by someone else!