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What do I need to sign up for an auction?
      You need a drivers license and/or credit card
How much does it cost to attend an auction? 
      It costs nothing to attend. Admission is free!
When Are Kastner auctions Hosted?
      Every Sunday at 10 Am.  viewing begins at 10am till 5pm every Saturday.

Terms & Conditions
1. All items sold on an “AS IS,WHERE IS” basis. 

No warranty implied or otherwise exists in relation to any goods offered in the sale unless otherwise announced.

Kastner Auctions Auctioneers are agents for the seller only. 

2. Full payment must be received before any goods are removed from the premises.

Settlement in full must be made on the same day as the sale.

3. All goods are made available for bidder’s inspection before the sale. 

Purchasers shall be held to have satisfied themselves as to the identity, authenticity, and condition of items, and shall not be permitted to make any objection after the sale on any grounds whatsoever.  

Bidders, whether acting as principal purchaser, agent, officer, director of a company, or in any individual or joint capacity whatsoever agrees to 

  1. To indemnify save harmless Auctioneers and its consignors from any actions, causes of action, suits, damages, costs, and/or losses of any nature resulting from the attendance and/or participation of bidders, auction agents, and/or auction digital and physical auction facilities whether before, during, or after a sale. 

  2. To be responsible for the payment of the purchase price, related taxes, and auction fees applicable to purchase.

  3. To not purchase any goods whatsoever on behalf of a consignor. 

4. Goods not paid or not removed from the premises may, at the option of the auction, be resold at any subsequent sale with any deficiency charged to the purchaser. 

5. Goods left on the premises may, at the option of the auctioneer, become liable for storage or removal charges and may be removed, resold, or disposed of immediately by the auctioneer and any cost or deficiency charged to the purchaser.

6. The auctioneer reserves the right to accept or reject any bid, and in the case of dispute, the auctioneer’s decision shall be final.

7. The auctioneer does not warranty any of the goods to be free of encumbrances, but only that he has obtained a statutory declaration of lines and encumbrances from the consignor. The auctioneer further warrants that he will pay sale proceeds less commissions towards goods declared by the consignor thereof to be subject to liens or encumbrances.

8. All sales are final. All items are subject to a 15% buyer’s premium (10% in the case of vehicles). GST applies to all sales.

9. Goods left on the premises 2 business days after the auction will be charged $6.00 per day and per item for storage. $10.00 in the case of vehicles.

10. Vehicles are to be paid in full the next business day after the sale in which it was purchased. Credit cards will be accepted up to a maximum of $3000.00 towards the total price of a vehicle(s). Description as to condition or otherwise is no way a warranty or guarantee, implied or actual, and neither the auctioneer nor the owner are responsible for any errors in the description or condition of a vehicle. Mileage is not guaranteed.